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On January 1, 2024, the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) came into effect imposing federal reporting requirements on many small businesses. The CTA was passed by Congress in 2021 to enhance transparency of business structures and ownership in an effort to help the government combat money laundering, foreign interference, fraud, and other illegal activities. The CTA … Read more

Appellate Law: A Comprehensive Guide

A Winston-Salem appellate lawyer reviewing paperwork with a woman at a desk.

At Robinson & Lawing in Winston-Salem, we offer a wide range of legal services in North Carolina that are tailored to our clients’ diverse needs. With our commitment to excellence and profound legal expertise, our team provides comprehensive representation at every stage of legal proceedings.  We delve into the essentials of appellate law, aiming to … Read more

Avoiding Legal Disputes: Tips for Conflict Resolution in Business

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Clashes and disagreements can arise in Winston-Salem businesses. However, navigating these challenges properly is essential to maintaining a successful company. Robinson & Lawing LLP provides legal assistance to North Carolina’s business realm. With 31 years in business, our business lawyers are ready to work with you today. Contact us online or call (336) 631-8500 to … Read more

Workers’ Compensation Claims: What Employers Should Do to Defend Themselves

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Are you an employer who is facing an unjust workers’ compensation claim? If so, it is essential to know what to do to defend yourself and when to get an employer defense lawyer involved.  Robinson & Lawing, located in Winston-Salem, NC, has exceptional employer defense lawyers who are dedicated to helping businesses throughout North Carolina … Read more

Bankruptcy and Business: Legal Options for Financial Distress

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The world of business is a dynamic landscape where success and challenges often walk hand in hand. Unfortunately, financial distress can strike even the most well-managed companies. However, there are legal avenues that can provide much-needed relief and a chance for a fresh start. Robinson & Lawing is a trusted legal partner providing a broad … Read more